How do you balance your time with your biological family and your new family now?

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Hello... Since we live far from my parents it wasn't easy to visit them every weekends... So in order to keep our close ties we always communicate via cellphone , texting from time to time and chatting over the phone... they love talking to our little one even if she doesn't respond really well. At least once a month we do visit them over the weekend so we could catch up and bond even for a short period of time... It's important that you still have time for your biological family so that our kids will adopt the values when they grow up. 😉

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Hi, It becomes difficult over the period of time and more so if you are living with your new family as you hardly get time with your biological family. I talk to my parents on daily basis but that is just a little chit chat and not heart to heart talk. My whole time hoes into managing things at my new home

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We also live far away from my mom and it's really difficult to see her regularly since it would take us 12 hours to travel. The easiest mode of transportation is via airplane. Although I get to call them on the phone everyday, it's still different when you're able to spend time with them.

Hey, I wish there was a perfect way to it. Eversince I got married initially I still used to talk at length with my mother on regular basis but as time progressed I have become so tied up with things that I only get to spend quality time with my parents when I visit them.

Depende sa family dynamics and distance. Like kaming magkakapatid, may quarterly date kami na kami lang and quarterl date na kasama ang family. Sa side naman ni hubby, tuwing may occassion lang nagkikita, pero halos daily sila nagfefacetime kasama anak ko.