My sweet little Angel, my forever Love❤

Feb. 15, 2020 A day after valentines day, my heart was shattered, broken and empty. I just found out, my precious baby, is gone. The gestational sac is empty. I could not think clearly. No words to say. I just cry and cry. I cant believe she/he has left. I don't even know the exact day. Yun na pala yun. My previous TVS was the first and last time I would hear his/her heartbeat. I want to ask why, why me, why my baby. But I just can't. I know God and He knows better. It hurts the most. But I know He has great plans. Maybe this is a lesson. Whatever that is, I dont know. All I know is that I still believe in HIM. I don't know His reasons but I trust His purpose. I trust His plans.

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Sorry for your loss mommy. 😢 *hugs*

3y ago

Thanks a lot po..