Bangungot sa tanghaling tapat

It was just 2 weeks ago.. a gloomy weather in the afternoon, my son and I is just having our siesta time, we just moved 2 months ago here in Bulacan so I in particular is not used to a quiet environment. Since my son is asleep I took the chance to sleep as well.. while I'm half awake I felt that my son has awaken and start to cry, but my body was stiff, that even I want to take him from his crib,my body won't move. I can't forget the voice of a man near my ear saying Nanginginig yung boses mo... ( your voice is shaking...) Minutes after that..I laugh crazily still half asleep... then I woke up... When I rise from the bed I saw my son looking at me..he might wonder.. why I was laughing.. I don't know also.. by the way my husband works in Quezon City.. and our family resides in Q.C as well. So everyday there's only my son and I in a duplex house...goosebumps 😱😱😱#MagandangGabi

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Omg. Sleep paralysis! 😰

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