My ex husb bought insurance for my child. Now that we are divorced, I am intending to take over it as the child is staying with me. I really don't know how to go about asking him or telling him. What if he doesn't agreed?? I cannot be going after him or reliable to him. As he is a irresponsible and abusive person.

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What type of insurance is that? Can find out more? If it’s medical, you can just buy from another insurer and take over. Otherwise no other way to take over as I believe ur Husband put himself as policy owner. Either way, no lose as he might not continue or look after the plans

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Hi... I would suggest that you buy another insurance for your child. If he’s irresponsible, most probably the insurance has lapsed and if you take over, you gotta pay all outstanding premium

Pls do get insurance on priority for the well being of both of you. If you know your previous insurance provider you may try calling them for more info

You should ask the insurance comapny if you can do it in the first place. try to talk to him but talk someone along with you to discuss this

Hi, Best is to take another insurance separately. That way you do not feel worried about the insurance of the baby

Get him sign on the absolute assign forms for you, and you be the new policy owner

I think you should just get a new one separately

Think can get a new insurance better

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It's best to buy another insurance.

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Take over means u want to pay the premium?

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