Panadol/Paracetamol during pregnancy

Hello everyone, is it okay to take panadol during pregnancy at 4 months? I often have massive headache and migraine.

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Yes. It is safe to Take 2 tablets maximum 6 hours apart if u did not have any known liver problem. Please meet a doctor to make sure your blood pressure is normal and there are no worrying things that make u have a headache

4y ago

Just take the normal panadol. If u need more means u need to see a doctor

better refer to dr. what ever u put in ur system will go to ur baby.eventho if its safe,u might not know what harm or side effects its doing to ur baby. if possible try sleep it off or use ointment.

4y ago

Im having a bad headache but Ill try sleeping it off. Later when seeing the doc Ill tell him my conditions. Hehe

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macam saya pening sangat² makn sebiji panadol, esoknya refer doc. doc cakap takde masalah tapi jangan ikot dos yg selalunya. jangan lebih 4biji

Yes, paracetamol can be taken during pregnancy.. But ensure than you don't exceed the recommended dosage!

4y ago

1 tablet is not enough for adult. 2 tablets (1g) is the normal dose for adult

Consult your doc first please