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Hi everyone, would like to ask if you have any tips how to make preschooler speaks and learns mandarin better? We personally doesn't speak mandarin at home. Any device that you would like to recommend? We have talking pen for English but couldn't find the Chinese one. Thank you.

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My Daughter absolutely did not enjoy speaking Mandarin, but we persevered and now she is speaking Mandarin quite fluently. (She’s 3) (She’s half Indian/half chinese) How did we do it? 1. Her favourite tv show is peppa- so we only allow her to watch peppa in Mandarin 2. We bought her lots of peppa Mandarin books, and I had her dad audio record reading it. Every night before she sleeps we play one of the audio books and I flip the corresponding pages 3. We bought the alilo rabbit toy - which basically Sings, dances and shares stories in Mandarin 4. We got a Mandarin tutor to come in 3 times a week before she was in preschool to teach her Mandarin and sing Mandarin songs 5. We now send her to a pure mandarin speaking preschool - she doesn’t speak any other language in school but Mandarin :)

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You can get your child to engage with reading Chinese comics. There are many materials out there that teaches Chinese proverbs as well. Would definitely go for books than digital

Hi i enrolled my boy in berries and saw a big improvement. They have a reader pen as part of their course material too

Watch mandarin children education videos at YouTube.. they are free!

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No prob! :)

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Can put them in weekly classes?

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Try watch tv