we don't speak Chinese at home and my daughter's teacher at CC speaks Chinese to her. will she have problems understanding her? she's only 2 but we hope to develop bilingualism... any tips?

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I would say kids learn very fast in the school environment. I am sure she understand Chinese teacher and she will pick up speaking Mandarin slowly. Do you or your hubby speak Mandarin? You may adopt One Person, One Language (OPOL) method. It means one parent speaks one language to the child at home. You can read up more from http://www.omniglot.com/language/articles/bilingualkids4.htm In addition, borrow chinese books from library will help to improve Chinese vocabulary and gaining interest in Chinese. Also, you may send your child to chinese enrichment class such as Berries which learn chinese in a fun way to develop her interest. http://www.berriesworld.com/

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Some tips on how to develop bilingualism can be found here: http://sg.theasianparent.com/how-to-raise-a-bilingual-kid/ You may try watching Chinese educational programs which come with English subtitles together with your daughter at home too.

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Kids are like little sponges - they absorb everything! I would say that making sure she has the right environment is key. Try and set up some play dates with other Chinese-speaking kids to encourage her.