Hi everyone. So i have already divorce with ex. And he is only giving me $200 monthly for 2 kids. And now i have no more cash to buy milk powder for my son. And lawyer didnt say stuff like buy kids neccessity. I have the right to ask if i cant get it myself right?

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I'd say you can try asking, but if he doesn't want to help then look for other alternatives like social workers, family service centres etc. Sometimes, it's better to just do things on our own than t
Well talk to him as a person... If he continue to refuse. Just go family court and pay 1 dollar to file a child support maintenance application on him. Both you and him have to attend mediation.
please try approaching your nearest family service centre for assistance.
he can refuse you. it's best to approach your lawyer and get it amended or states in black and white
you can try asking your EX if he still bothers about the kids. I rmbr my dad just gave $200 flat and ignore the rest whether you have money to eat OR not. As having the custody of the kids, you mus
have you try talking to your dad? You should to understand his side of the story.