About do you guys husband so secretive when he was chatting with his aunt via by ws

As every time his aunt will whatsapp my husband and my husband super secretive saw me he quickly tells his aunt bye bye on the phone plus he even tell his aunt lots of things he didn’t want to tell me about it. I found it is so rude and ridiculous it seem like he doesn’t trust me as his wife I wonder why must he marry me in the first place?

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How old is this aunt?

1y ago

Seems like a Mother Son relationship. Wouldn’t be too worried

I think you should sit with him and try talking to him about your feelings. If this aunt is like a mum figure it is ok that he shares things with her- but yes as his wife you should know as much if not, more!

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1y ago

It’s a typical mother in law situation. I don’t think you should stress about it. The more you think about it, the more it will bug you. Just let it slide above your head

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