crying non stop

Hello everione, my bbyboy keep on crying everyday. The only time he dont cry is feeding and sleeping. What other ways do you do to make your bby not crying? FYI: i've done checking wadeva tat might making him cry but cant find anythg like enuff milk not, diaper need changing, or maybe stomachache or temperature wise. Is there anythg else I miss?

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Is the environment clean or dusty or smelly or have pests? Is baby sweating? If yes try don't wear too thick clothes and ensure room is well ventilated and is cooling and let baby wear short sleeve and short pants during the day, only wear Long pants and long sleeve during the night, same like how we adults feel hot during the day and colder during the night. Do you bath baby once a day and wipe baby in the evening? Baby need to feel clean and comfortable. If colic issue, you can consider get the BioGaia and invest to get quality milk bottles like Philips Avent or Pigeon, or Dr Browns Or those better brand milk Bottles. Quality milk bottles does help as well.

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Check out "purple crying". Sometimes babies just cry for no reason. My elder boy was like this during the first month. First kid and he really drove us nuts.

When u carry him, does he stop crying? If so, he could be feeling insecure and needs the cuddle. I gave my boy pacifier, swaddle him and rock him to sleep.

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If colic, try the baby tummy massage clockwise direction. Be gentle though

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Some biting toy can put in fridge. To cool it before giving baby

Coo and hush him Talk in soothing voice Rock him a little

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If teeth growing out, give baby a biting toy


Might be colic. You're giving fm or bm?

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Is baby able to poo daily? Any constipation? Tot of changing fm brand?

Maybe colic? Try googling it

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Hi, how old is he?