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Hi mummies, my baby 3m+ just cried for a good 2hrs plus almost non-stop. I tried changing diaper, carry walk around, feed milk and make warm, apply ruyi oil, sang songs to him he stopped crying for awhile but continue again..tried all these to make him stop crying but to no avail. He is supposed to drink milk but kept crying. Eventually after 2 hrs baby cry until hungry and after feeding slept on the bed when usually he only sleep in the electronic cradle. Not sure is it daddy told him he is going out as my baby cry just right after daddy goes out ? p.s. daddy is the main caregiver. If nothing can calm do u calm a crying baby?

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Went through the same thing at 3m+ too. Was probably a combination of colic+fear and whatever else young babies go through. Nothing could calm her until she got tired and hungry enough.. then she finally agreed to feed and rest. You’re doing a good job, Mummy ❤️ Even if Daddy’s the main caregiver, don’t feel daunted or scared if this situation happens again ok? Just go through all of baby’s needs, and if you’ve done everything already, just carry baby firmly and walk around, singing, talking to baby. You can even use the baby carrier. Baby feels more secure. Let baby get used to your voice, touch and smell:) And look! You got baby to sleep on the bed! Well done!

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3y ago

Just my personal opinion here.. but all babies can do at that age is cry. So don’t be sad or demoralised:) Just keep doing what you need to do (wiping or whatever), then pick baby up, say “well done baby!”, give a hug and calm baby down again. You cannot get sad everytime baby cries. Baby will definitely cry. My 8 month old still cries too, and even my 4yo cries 😂. That doesn’t make us bad parents.. that’s just our LOs expressing themselves. Anyway, for wiping baby down, the reason baby cries, especially if you’re slower and more meticulous is because he feels uncomfortable/cold/exposed. That’s why wiping quickly (as your husband does) may seem to trigger less crying. What you can do is to wrap the areas of the body you’re not wiping, so that baby feels snug and warm, then only exposing the area you’re wiping. Also keep the fan off. If you need someone to talk to, let me know k? You can email me at [email protected] then I’ll give you my number

Try not to let your baby depend on only 1 person? So it will be easier for u. Might be colic? Try to do constant massage on tummy.