Even though I don’t feel like hitting my two year old, I end up hitting him. How do I make him behave?

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2 years old i still a very young age to understand fully what is wrong and what is right. They are still playful and still learning. Needa be patient alwaes ok mummy? It is pretty handful but we dowanna raise a violent and emotionally disturbed generation. Hugs and talking respectfully will help the child to tone down and listen more i believe. Reminder to self too cz i have a 20mth old kid. But i will give my best to give her the best childhood like how my mum gave me 😊

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Two years old is still at very young to understand your instructions and angers. What have he done to make you angry? You can try to eliminate the triggers first. E.g. Give clearer instructions like please walk slowly, instead of asking him: Don't Run! How to make him behave? You can try to use time-in approach. http://weinholds.org/time-in-techniques/ They are still young and you need to help them to regulate their emotions and guide them slowly.

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When you have to resort to hitting your child, it means that you want him to listen and behave without any understanding of the reason of his misbehaviour. There are many other ways to discipline a child without having to hit him. Besides, hitting him teachers him that it is okay for him to hit others when he is upset. http://sg.theasianparent.com/ready-tips-on-how-to-discipline-your-toddler/

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To add to these answers, is there a pattern to when you are most angry and more prone to hitting your child as a form of discipline? I ask because children who "misbehave" (I'm using this term loosely since, as Diana points out, 2 years old is quite young) may be tired or frustrated. Make sure your tot gets enough sleep, play, and food (of course!) to maintain a happy mood.

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I agree with the moms here. Important to explain why you got angry and what he did wrong and why it was wrong.

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After punishing him, did you explain to him why he was being punished? Let him understand why

Talk to him nicely.. actually he try to attract ur attention by doing wrongs..

Try to listen and respond to him wisely. Always hug and say appreciation

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Talk to him like ur mate and feed he/she with the words of God