Is swiss roll for school party "cheapo"?

Well, due to covid cantt buy a whole cake for my 3yo boy to celebrate in sch, so I thought of buying individually sliced swiss roll party box from polar. But when i just casually informing my MIL that will buy that for him to share with his friends and teachers, idea immediately got shot down. She said "Swissroll so cheapo, might as well dont buy!" She wants me to get those nice looking cupcakes which is not cheap yo. and its so hard to find halal ones. My idea was to let the kids have fun, enjoy a slice of cake, let my boy have some birthday feel. but that happy thoughts got destroyed as she said swiss roll is cheapo... 😓😓😓 So im not sure if I should get it now. 😥 She always have high expectations for birthday celebrations. When all i want my kids to have was a simple celebration, nothing much exaggerated. I remember during his 1st month and 1yo birthday, MIL got soooo involved. Want to be nicenice, looks grand. did a lot of things diy a lot of things and engaged in the thematic deco to set up etc. Make me feel like I didnt do much for my boy... Then when i mention swiss roll for his sch 3yo, she mentioned, "1month 1yo do so nice then 3yo swiss roll??? later he will feel different". whos the one that set so high standards for him in the first place. my gosh.. Not like we are not celebrating at home... why comment until lidat. PS: just want to rant cuz i dont have the chance to. need to destress. thanks for listening. Sucks to have a mom like me.

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I’m a preschool educator and honestly it’s better to buy swissroll cakes for the children rather than cupcakes as it is easier for them to eat also some parents wouldn’t let their child eat too much sweets in school. All depends on you mummy :)

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Not cheapo at all! Just buy whatever makes you happy:) and trust me, your LO will not remember much of this. Use the money to spend on what really matters.