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Can we drink this during pregnancy?

kinohimitsu superfood
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Heard that you can because all the ingredients are made from food itself and is natural. But i have personally not had it so if you’re still unsure perhaps consult the salesperson selling this?

3y ago

Thanks, I saw on their official website that its suitable for pregnant and breast feeding mums.. I will try it and also ask my gynae abt it on my next visit

Any instructions on the box? Sometimes it may say safe for pregnancy or consult a doctor. If unsure, then dun drink, worry unnecessarily. 😉

Looks OK... But I think safer to check with gynae....I try to eat only natural food during pregnancy

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I only took this after birth while I was breastfeeding but it looks pretty safe to me

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I heard it’s good food .. but check with doc or begins the reviews of the brand ..

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Apparently you can. But better if you google for more info n read their reviews etc

I think better to consult the gynae let him runthrought the ingredients

Check with gynae but should be ok Check the ingredients as well

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Suggest to consult gynae during your monthly visit?

Should be ok. Check the ingredients to be sure.