Can I consume stem cell product? Kinohimitsu stemcell drink

Can I consume stem cell product? Kinohimitsu stemcell drink? Or collagen drink can ?

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Besides its basic skin-boosting benefits Kinohimitsu collagen diamond drink also helps to promote gut health for more holistic wellbeing. Highly recommended!

Kinohimitsu stem cell drink helped my skin to regenerate better along with my face moisturizer. My freckles started going away as well. Good investment!

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Yes you can, after 16 weeks ( 4 months). They stated it is safe for pregnant lady. However, better consult with your doctor first. #TAPsupermoms

Kinohimitsu Stem Cell Drink is safe to consume but it’s best to first consult your physician and doctors before consuming any such supplements.

I would definitely recommend Kinohimitsu collagen diamond over Kinohimitsu stem cell as it helps to lift and tighten your skin a bit more.

If you ask me about Kinohimitsu collagen diamond vs stem cell drink; I’d definitely recommend Kinohimitsu stem cell.