Low iron

Doctor told I am having low Iron. Prescribed iron tablets to me. After taking it I am having side effects. Vomiting, headache and stomachache. What can I eat as substitute for iron tablets?

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Super Mum

Tried chewable?

There's alternative to the tablets. I hate swallowing tablets so I switched to iron polymaltose oral drops instead. Need dr prescriptions though

Eat more red meat

Super Mum

Eat more meat and eggs as it contains high iron content. Also eat fruits rich in vitamin c to help in iron absorption.

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Tuna, salmon, red meat, spinach, lentils. Take vitamin c pills for easy absorption

Red meat, spinach, kale?

Same as me. Doc told me to eat more red meat and more fruits tts rich in vit C as it helps to absorb iron better . Try to lessen eating fish n chicken.

Super Mum

Spinach, anchovies


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Eat more beans