Iron and prenatal

Hi mamas, for those taking iron tablets (with folic), do you also take prenatal vitamins?

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I’m started by taking folic acid before week 12. After week 12, am prescribed with multivitamin, DHA, calcium and aspirin. Iron is only added at a much later stage of my pregnancy when I am tested with lower red blood count. And stop taking Aspirin in week 37 to prepare from birth. I took multivitamin and DHA first, then after 2 hrs later will take calcium and another 2 hrs iron to help absorption. Aspirin only take at night before sleep. Every pregnancy is unique, seek advice from your gynae. They will prescribe you with what you lack and need. Take care and God bless you and baby.

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After week 12 my gynae says dont need folic acid. he gave me prenatal vitamin which he says contain folic acid already.

I have fish oil, multivitamins, calcium and iron tablets as advised by my doctor due to low blood count

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No. But if you think you need it, can ask your gynae for advice.

No, as adviced by my gynae to only take the iron tablets.

Ask ur gynae. I don’t self medicate