Maybe I should not have had a kid?

Do you regret having a child?

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I am sure I am going to get crucified for saying this. Yes I completely regret having a kid. I am not cut out for parenthood. It's taken a toll on my life. If I could turn back the clock I would have used protection. That said now that baby is here, I do love Him. But I do miss my child free days tremendously.

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Yes and no. If i could, to enjoy my honeymoon before having the kids. Then again, there is never a right time :) if not now then when? Hood that its all in the hands of nature.


I dont regret my baby at all baby change me for the better ...

Not at all, even though this pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride, and I have to give up a lot of things, holidays, career, etc. But I’m really looking forward to the day my child is born.


No I don't regreat getting pregnant with my son at all


No I don't even though the pregnancy is really giving me a tough time right now but am still very excited to become a mum

No... And happy of having them around me even the parenthood is tough and sweet