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Maybe I should not have had a kid?
Do you regret having a child?
No... And happy of having them around me even the parenthood is tough and sweet
No..i dont regret it at all
I was so happy until one day my partner told me we had our kids too soon. A couple of weeks or a month earlier i found a woman messaging him sending him provocative pictures. It was a huge fight. Then
I don't like pregnancy (no lovely moment at all)🤮🤢...but I loooovvvvveeee my kids🥰
Not at all
Is it advisable to get a dog when children are around the age of 3? How do pets help to enhance a child's growth?
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Yes. It helps to make them responsible.
It depends on your desire to keep a pet and the ability to maintain one. Yes, having pets can have many positively effects on kids. They teach them empathy, compassion, responsibility, and most of all
It helps to be responsible and they will know how to care.
I think they help in terms of emotional and social development. Kids and dogs are Super similar in a sense as well so perhaps that’s why!
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I heard dogs r more pet frndly than any other pets .. but check it out their vaccination etc .. before heading in to it
Does anyone have Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors to reccommend? Please provide their names, emails and phone numbers if possible! :-)
I have two doctors to recommend. Home Based TCM (Using traditional herbs brewing method) Dr Zhang 409 Pandan Gardens #07-42 S(600409) Tel : 65621403 His fees is up to us, you can give h
I've read about Ms. Teo Hwee Chin from Si En TCM Medical Clinic and she comes highly recommended. She has over 20 years of experience and has extensive education in the field. She is also a qualified
Is it advisable to feed babies puree which can be commonly found in Cold Storage?
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this puteri vry super Licious.😋😋😋😋😋😋
nestle contains too much to stay away from it....try other organic brands thats available....but i would advice to give LO maybe once or twice a week and not everyday
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I only buy ready made puree incase travelling or for emergency. Normally i make home-made then store in freezer so if im not around my helper will just steam/heat it up 😊
i prefer homemade
use bottled food only when travelling, make it fresh when at home ... afterall, they are your little precious ones :)