Do you bathe baby during confinement?

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I started to learn bathing my lo from the 3rd week of confinement.:)

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i do it every 3 days! do wipe down if not into bath tub. own instinct. i followed the rule on not frequent bathing for first month so as not to dry out skin. ^^

I never did confinement.. But, i did shower baby every 2 days. In between i used a damp cloth to wipe him down. We never went out, so i did not feel that there was a need to shower him. In the midst of all this, i love the fermented smell. Haha

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Yes i bathed my baby for both confinement. As i didn't really trust my mother in law in handling a newborn

yes, have to learn to bath baby because I'll be taking care of bb after confinement and my mil's leg is not very good. if she squat, it's hard for her to get up..

yes. Bathe my babies every morning. evening wipe down. i dont trust my husband enough. hahaha. no help at all.

Yes, I did! It was fun to learn and try on your own. As far as possible, I tried to learn as much as I could from the nanny!

yes from my 1st till my 4th i bath them myself.I prefer to do it myself as being a mum it makes and gives me the feeling of love..

Confinement is a period that you must have adequate rest and try not to "touch" water as much as possible unless really no choice. Should there be someone else in the family, get them to do it for you. As for me, I didn't bath my baby. I was very fortunate to have my hubby around to do my confinement for me for the entire month.

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I bathe baby daily when we came home from hospital, nobody taught me how to, its just the maternal instinct and common sense taking control.