Did your LO started standing or crawling first? At which months?

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My LO started to crawl around 5/6mths, learn to pull himself up and walk with support around 7/8mths. Each individual is unique...each baby will eventually learnt each milestone on its own. Some may even skip crawl ans go straight to stand. Thus no worries mummy.

Mine crawled at 7 months. But he never lifted his tummy- more like a fish swimming. It got me worried, but our doctor said it's nothing to worry about- he had his own style. He started standing at 9 months and walking at 13months.

each child is different b4 5 month my girl start to crawl..now she is 5 mth 2 week she already pull herself up standing in her cot..

Mine only started to crawl after his 8.5 months old. But it's only like a snail. He doesn't bent his kneels to crawl ya.

Crawling first and now starting to walk at 12 months. Each day completing more and more steps. Such a joy to watch!

my boy starts at 5 month. and cruise Ard at 8 month. each child is unique. they will surprise you! no worry..

For my boy he start to crawl first 7 months. I put a toy let him crawl further to get the toys.

every child is different. My elder started crawling at 8 months while the younger at 6 :)

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My girl pulled to stand first before she started to crawl around at around 8 months old.

My boy started crawling at 6 mths. Haven't tried standing but able to sit with support