Mummy or daddy... which one did your little one say first?

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Both of my kids called mummy first. It might be due to I spend most of the time with them at home. I remember my eldest one called me when she just turned 1 year old while no.2 called me when he turned 8 months old. I think with another child in the family, the younger one tends to learn faster, especially in speech development. Subsequently, they started to learn to call different people in the house: daddy, ah ma, gu gu, shu shu, and etc.

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My baby's first word was "mama". Probably I spent more time with him and has been conditioning him by repeating "mama" frequently. Subsequently he recognises me by calling mama when he cries. In fact, he only calls mama when he cries. Sad! Generally, babies by 8 mths old will probably start stringing "mama" and "dada" sounds without necessarily knowing what they mean. Do talk to your baby frequently. It helps in their speech development.

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Most of my friends' babies said "Ma" or "Mama" first because of the amount of time they spent with their mothers after birth, reckon it's natural. But I do know one baby whose first words were "Da" - probably because her father spent 6 months of his paternity leave with the little baby girl while the mother went back to work almost immediately after confinement.

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Majority of the time is calling mummy 1st but depending on baby. I got 4 kids and all called differently. 1 called mummy, 1 called daddy and 1 called jie jie. My last 1 has yet to call - only 5 months. It really depends on individual babies. Usually caregiver will be the one who will be called 1st.

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Both my boys said papa first. But I am the sole caregiver so I guess that depends on the baby which one he prefers to call first. A little sad that they called papa first but hey at least they are talking!

my older boy first wasn't mama or papa but his jie as he was being taken care by the girls at my work place. i worked in a girls home back then. my second boy called mama i guess.

My daughter called "ah ma" first (grandma) and my son called papa first... he refused to call mama, I have waited quite long for it. Haha.

Both my boys said 'mama' first. They still do that till now (mama always before papa). Not complaining though, hehe.

i try to say daddy first becoz of i will become daddy's father coming 3month😁

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Mama. Only my second born say jiejie first. He must have love her jiejie very much