When did your little one say his or her first word?

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My daughter has been cooing and mimicking sounds when we talk to her. The other day, both my father and I distinctly heard her repeating the word "parrot". She's just 11 weeks old so we can't say for sure. Babies start speaking from as early as 6 months and begin forming 2 to 4 word sentences between 1.5 to 2 years of age. This article shows tips on how to get toddlers to start talking more: http://sg.theasianparent.com/help-your-toddler-learn-to-talk/

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Been trying to figure out all the baby blabber. I hope the first word I hear is mama! Nowhere near that and she's coming to 6 months. All I hear are sounds like "neh neh"(milk milk) when she's crying desperately for me.

It's depends upon the child, some children say early and some children takes some more time to say.

my daughter said mommmomm at 4 months but I am not sure if she's referring to her milk or me.

4y ago

So cute

My son said his first word at 7 months while my daughter at 5 months

my baby said her first word just a week ago! she is 6 months now

3.5 years old, and hindi na siya tumigil magsalita :))


My son said dada at 7 months :)

6 months