Do I need to be worried if LO skipped crawling and just started standing?

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Some articles to help you with a peace of safe mind. In fact, when u go for assessment check, they are more interested and worries about whether your child can stand on his own with/without support, and whether ur child can walk or nt. They doesnt care whether ur child can crawl or nt, when they can walk, they will know how to crawl by than also, so not to worry. All the nurse didn't ask me whether my child can crawl or nt, they only ask can she stand? Walk? So there is nth to worry too much about it too.

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every kids is different and they have their own personalities my two boys never really crawl... or even crawl backward....and start off to walk... my little girl now only like to use flip left and right to go to where she want...think they have their own unique character.. just monitor...

Some experts say that babies these days may crawl later or even skip the milestone altogether, perhaps because most are now placed on their back rather than on their tummy to sleep (to reduce the risk of SIDS). Whatever the reason, it's nothing to worry about most of the time.

That's actually nothing wrong. I heard of a few cases where the child skip crawling, started to stand and walked by himself. If the routine check/ assessment are normal, there isn't anything to worry about. All kids are unique, hence progress very differently.

nothing wrong with skipping that stage. i have a few friends whose children dun really go through crawling stage :) if u are really really concern, check with yr pd. but i will think its perfectly fine!

Kindly bring your child for a check up at Polyclinic or your specific PD for a check up to have a peace of mind. Different child progress differently. Some are slower some are faster.

Not an issue at all. Perfectly normal!!! Some babies dont crawl but rather they cruise. Very cute seeing them cruise. My boy seldom and barely crawled and he is A okay :)

I've heard and read of mummies posting about their kids standing or even little(few steps) before they crawl. Kids will still learn everything altogether afterall.

No worries, every baby is different.. some baby jus Don crawl.. mine start standing first. ... then go back to crawling as she realise she can crawl faster hahaha

No, certainly nothing wrong! You don't need to take your child to a doctor for this!