How many months did your baby start crawling ?

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My nephew started crawling at 8 months while my niece started when she is just past 6 months. My niece is younger than my nephew and appeared to be achieving all her developmental milestones slightly earlier than average. Typically, a baby would start crawling at around 7 to 9 months. Usually soon after he/she is able to push his/her chest off the ground while on tummy time and subsequently onto his/her arms and knees. I've heard of babies who "bypassed" crawling and went straight to standing and walking. It's really fun to see how they develop and the joy on their faces when they took their first "steps". ;)

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It usually depends on babies. Girls development are always slightly faster than boys. Like what Hui Qun said, some babies skip the crawling stage and move on to walking. My boy is 7 months now and he is able to push himself forward when he haven't started to sit yet. Generally babies starts crawling from 7-10 months.

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My son started at about 7 months old. He was on the faster side. My second is so slow. Lol till now at 7 months he has not shown signs if crawling. Guess cause we dont put him on his tummy often.

My daughter is now 8 months and she does use knee to start crawl but can't instead moves behind which makes me laugh. but I think she will be around 9 month.