did you ever go to club and leave your 6onths old with your hubby???

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Go for it! But i tell it is exhausting, id rather sleep. But if you mean like a couple of drinks with gfs then it is fine. You need some sanity too. Dont be too guilty, it is not like you are abandonigh your child. Just be mindful with time and as long as hubby is fine :)

Yes sometimes i do.. because im too stress qith my 2 kids. So my husband allow me to go club with my friends. Doesnt mean you have babies and youre married you cant go to club :)

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thanks!good to know m not alone i asked this question becoz im leaving SG soon and had fun with ma girls for my last days in SG it was fun and it was good to had Me time

Maybe after 1 year old is fine when both parents are more familiar with baby feeding and sleeping patterns. If your husband is more hands on kind den ok. I can go out if got dinner appt or d&d

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I have no issues entrusting my 6mo to my husband (I already did because I sometimes work overnight) but I wouldn’t do so for clubbing/self enjoyment overnight. Just a personal preference:)

what's the point of getting married and still want to club? now you are not only married but already have kids. i have kids & i have settled down way too long.

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NO. My nightlife ended way long after I've delivered, I will never do that... I chose to settled down and have a baby, I'll act like one

No, think I will have mom’s guilt if I do that. Or maybe end up keep texting or calling husband for updates haha.

Have not done so but don’t see a problem so long as your hubs is happy for you to do so.

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Nope. But hub and I sneak out to watch movie while LO was cared off with my in laws

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Club? Current??? MmHg My 1st question will be ("WHY SHOULD I GO CLUBBING???")