Cries and quarrels with husband

Do you ladies ever cry easily and quarrel with your husband during your pregnancy? ?

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Yes. Most of the time i forgo the arguments. But tapao all the sadness then one time blast during shower and let the river flow. Not sure if this is healthy though. Cus my eyes easily swollen + i dont like people asking y i cry etc, or try to console+I prefer being alone when sad. Heh.

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Cry easily yes in movies haha. Emotional about life. Gossshhh. Quarrel, not really but I was so mad with my hub back then. I overthink. So far twice. Omg. Jz can not control Thankful my hub is very very patience and understanding towards me. Even till now.

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Yes. I cry almost every little matter. I was surprised too having to see my emotions as I usually can hide my sadness and ease my anger. Not this time throughout this pregnancy .

I cried easily over alotof things and sometimes felt guilty that i scolded my husband unnecessarily. I jz need to vent out and want to be heard i guess. But thankful husband is understanding.

Yes, it is because of the hormonal changes in your body. Don't worry too much about it. But definitely talk to your husband about it and I am sure he will understand :)

yes alotttt i usually can tank up my emotions and work/school normally hahha during and after pregnancy all crycrycry only. he calls me crybaby after we're good

Yes i was very emotional, felt that he didnt understand me and my situation and i will gv him the silent treatment and just cry and cry.

Yup, it’s due to hormonal changes. I cannot control my emotions and quarrel and cry.

Try to laugh over things that annoy you. Psycho your emotion 😜

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Occasionally yes.. . Just try and settle it before going to bed(: