Did anyone having a serious heartburn and interrupted your sleep at night?

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I have bad heartburn that causes me to have insomnia and even trigger me to vomit. It get pretty much worse when baby gets bigger. Somehow some remedies do work for me. I avoid eating spicy food , drink coconut water in moderation, eat plain biscuits, if it gets real bad, ill take gaviscon. But it doesnt work all the time although most of the time it ease abit.

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Try and sleep in an elevated position. I stack 2 pillows and sleep, works well for me so far. And try to lay on left side when sleeping. If need be, try gaviscon.

3y ago

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try!

Mine nt serious. Just once awhile. Dont eat or drink at least 2 hrs b4 you go to sleep. Try not to eat too full also

3y ago

Ok. Thanks alot.

Yes.. its like the food will start to over flow from my mouth any time. The acid reflux was bad..

3y ago

Are u on any medication? How many weeks are u now?

heartburn could sometimes could be because of gas, so try to take digestive medicine.

I am already on Zantac and it doesn't seem to help when I am deep asleep at night.


Don't eat anything too spicy or oily at night

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My husband does. Whenever has heavy dinner

Yes, usually I would drink milk when it happens.

3y ago

I tried but milk worsen it.

Yes. I must eat some biscuit before sleep

3y ago

Are u able to sleep thru the night?