Anyone has any quick remedies to reduce heartburn? Got woke up from my sleep, feeling a ‘hot’ sensation and uncomfortable feeling at my chest area. Tried sitting up straight for a few mins but no avail. Help ;(

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I had heartburn and I found tips so I tried and worked. Cos I don't like the idea of Gaviscon or any tablets. Hehe. Now hardly with heartburn. Firstly, small intake of food and take sips when drinking. Secondly, sit up for half an hour before sleep. I usually will fall to sleep in sitting position in my bed and then I wil slide down slowly. 😅 Also try see what food or drink that u had triggers it. Then maybe avoid having too much. Hope u get better soon.

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I found the below article. It contains some information. sharing it with you. https://sg.theasianparent.com/pregnancy-concern-heartburnacid-reflux

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I change my diet to smaller portion, less oily and drink more water. Also brought gaviscon! Hope you feel better soon.

I have been taking gaviscon double action 1 tablet Everytime I feel gastric discomfort or heartburn. It helps alot.

Thank you everyone for the helpful advices and tips! Appreciate it (:

hi mummy! you can take gaviscon double action. take care!

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Don’t eat too much at one go and rest more


Gaviscon helps

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Warm tea?