Threaten miscarriage

Diagnose w threathlen miscarriage at wk6...spotting for consectively 6 days (only when urinate n wiping) has heartbeat based on scan 2 days ago...anyone has similar experience n deliver a healthy baby?

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I had this same situation at around week 7. Has heavy blood flow one day but baby was fine. Gynae prescribed Duphaston jabs followed by tablets and now I am a mother of a naughty baby boy who is 10 weeks old. I would advise to stay positive mama! You got this. Listen to your gynae and take as much rest as possible both physically and mentally. All will be well :) All the best to you!

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4mo ago

thank you so much! great to hear all the postive news!

In my prev pregnancy i was bleeding like i had menses because of a tear.. it got better but i was worried when i still see brown blood. Was taking duphaston then.. Went back to c n had a v scan.. subsequently i had blood clots that evening n i went a&e, had a jab n got better. I went on to deliver a healthy baby! My LO is alr coming 22 mths soon :)

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Sadly and also as a matter of fact…it is a rather common scenario. Typically gynae can’t do anything except prescribe oral duphaston, some take jabs too. General advice: don’t carry or lift heavy weight, don’t squat, try to reduce movement and do more bedrest, most importantly eat well and think positively:)

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4mo ago

Yes must lessen walking!

I had threaten misscarriage when i was 11 weeks no spotting bt severe abdominal pain. They will just ask to rest and prescribe duphaston. 2 weeks after, the pain stopped. Now im @ 24 weeks