No heartbeat on u/s at 10 weeks, baby measuring only 6 weeks

My first scan at 7 weeks (based on lmp) showed only gestational sac and yolk sac without fetal pole. Gynae said it might be blighted ovum or baby is probably hiding. Went for my 2nd scan at 10 weeks (based on lmp) and to my surprise, we saw a fetal pole measuring 6 weeks in size without heartbeat.. Going back for a review in a week’s time which will be more conclusive. Meanwhile, I am mentally prepared for a miscarriage but hoping for the best. Anyone with similar experience? Care to share? Thank you.

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hi. im experiencing such ordeal now. my LMP is suppose to be on week 9 but my CRL is only at 6 weeks 6 days. Gynae mentioned that the heartbeat is low thou i cannot hear anything at all during the scan. was wondering how was ur outcome hoping to have some encouragement for me?

2y ago

did you do vagina or tummy scan?

I am facing similar situation now at week 8, can only pray for the best but prepare for the worse. :(

2y ago

Hi. How’s your situation? I’m experiencing one right now. And fathering mummies experience as my doctor doesn’t really explain things to me.

I had that kind of experience . but that was not nice story to hear. Be strong and positive

experiencing this now. hope for the best ,prepare for what's not.

Hi how are you ? Any updates ? I’m experiencing one right now.