Lmp and ultrasound scan off by 4 weeks

Went for 10 week scan but baby only measured 6 weeks in size without heartbeat... I should be 10 week pregnant based on lmp... going for next scan which will be more conclusive in 1 week time. Anyone has similar experience?

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You could be counting your lmp wrong. That's what happened to most including me. Especially for those with irregular period. I thought I was 11 weeks + when I had my 1st dating scan but turns out I was only 10 weeks pregnant. Even with a period tracker app, I was still wrong. Wait for your next appointment. By then maybe can see or hear the heartbeat.

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Im suppose to be 12 weeks base on LMP but doctor calculated the CRL and Im on 11 weeks. :) Sometimes we miscount bec we thought we ovulated on that day.

Same here rn