Threatened miscarriage

Last week, I experience bleeding when I urine. Went to kkh n did a scan, baby is fine with heartbeat. Was given medicine to rest. 6 days now still on n off have bleeding. Anyone encounter this and any idea when the bleed will totally stop. I am currently at 10 weeks

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Hi, I had the same issue when I was week 13. Went to KKH Urgent O&G as there was blood when I urine (not staining). the doctor diagnosed me with threatened miscarriage. Was prescribed hormones pills. Took the medication for 2 weeks. bleeding was on and off. My gynae told me it will get better when the baby is stronger. I am now week 21, no more bleeding now. :)

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7mo ago

Can I know if have bleeding continues even after you finish the pills?

Pls do have plenty of bed rest and less walks. It's IMPORTANT! now is implantation bleeding so the baby is fragile inside your tummy, pls have plenty of rest time for yourself, mummy (:

I was jabbed at nuh a&e and given to rest that time. But i only prob bled the following day and after that were all old blood.. i suggest you to get checked again if it doesnt stop

Yes i am encountering this moment. :( may i know how many weeks you are pregnant?

8mo ago

Stop after 6 days taking medicine

I feel if the bleeding isn’t stopping, its safer to get yourself checked again.

8mo ago

Thank fully it stops after 6days

How many weeks r u preggy?

8mo ago

I m at 10 weeks