Ultrasound Scanning at Week 6

Dear mummies, wish to seek your opinion on which week of pregnancy during first trimester you will go for first ultrasound scan? I went to a scan in week 6 but doctor couldn't find anything in uterus which I'm quite worried. However doctor have ask me to go back for another round of scan 2 weeks later.

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Tulis jawapan

Dear clara, same goes to me. Also went to scan too early bcs im to excited tho 😆 but doc ask to go back after 2 weeks to confirm my pregnancy & can register for antenatal checkup sekali (open pink book) 🙂✌🏻Oh ya, about doc dont see anything, just try not too worry dear, maybe it too tiny like orange pip. Best of luck Clara ✌🏻

Baca lagi

5-6th week ultrasound often causes unnecessary anxiety because the sac mostly cant be seen with the usual abdominal ultrasound.. best to repeat at 8weeks plus.

I went 1st scan when i was 8 weeks. At that time, fetus and heartbeat can be seen ady.