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Is it safe to eat kfc coleslaw and chocolate ice cream during pregnancy? some say not to eat cold vegetables and chocolate contain caffeine?

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Eat abit is alright. I had ice cream during pregnancy and it is perfectly fine. For salads or coleslaw from restaurant or fast food, best to eat those prepared at home as u will never be sure of the hygiene standards of the food handlers preparing those raw food. :)

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I have eaten it at times, I think it should be fine if taken in moderate. You can consult with your gynae for better advices if you are worry. Basically my gynae told me I can eat anything except raw foods but sometimes I do eat half-boiled eggs.

It's fine. I ate both. In fact I had bad cravings for coleslaw. I ate from KFC, LJS.. I even ate those from hawker center western shop. I ate a little.. Didn't over indulge. Chocolate ice cream i bought those tub ones.


Coleslaw are made up of raw veggies and it’s better to have cooked veggies during your pregnancy. As for chocolate ice cream, it should be on to take it in moderation

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Hi. Pregnant mummies can eat anything they craves for but in moderation. You can have coleslaw and chocolate or any other food maybe 2/3 times a week but not everyday.

I wouldn't only because you don't know if the veggies have been washed well. Also, best to avoid soft serve ice cream while pregnant, especially from fast food chains.

Hi as for me 1st trimester i tried to avoid. 2nd trimester onwards I eat chocolate and ice cream maybe once a week. been a craving. but eat with moderation:)

Ok to eat chocolate in limited amount during pregnancy as a little amount of caffeine will not pose any harm to ur baby.

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I wouldn’t eat coleslaw because it’s raw. But chocolate ice cream is fine!


It's fine just to satisfy a fast food craving. KFC shouldn't be a staple!