Dear my firstborn, .. You have taught me on how to be a better human being. Having you, I have learned what patience, compassion, empathy, kindness and selflessness all about. You are teaching me love - a pure love that even money can't buy .. It has been so much fun to watch you grow. Each age, stage, and phase has brought us so much joy. These memories, I would not trade one second of it. Thank you for giving me my cherished title of being *mother* .. But here is the thing - in 25 days time it is not going to be just us anymore. We make a great team, the perfect duo and yet our family is growing. Because of that, things are going to change and before that happens I want you to know that no matter how much attention the new baby gets, you are still the center of my world .. I know you will make a fantastic big sister, teaching your sibling all the wonderful things and love her with all your heart. You are so nurturing, your sister is lucky to have you there snuggling and looking after her .. Thus my dear daughter, while you grow remember to be sweet and kind. Show others how much you shine. Meanwhile, let me love you a little longer okay ? #tapxmebie #mebiesnugglemalaysia #mebiesnuggle #theasianparentmalaysia

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