Single Parent

Just to share my experience about being single parent! This is not as simple as you thought. Alhamdulillah. For me, Everything went well. I started to know that i'm pregnant because of the first kick of my baby. I went to clinic to check my pregnancy and i never thought she already 24 weeks in my womb. I never get any symptoms. I never realise existing of my baby. Allah is the best planner. I went through my pregnancy journey with lot of love from my family. Alhamdulillah. I made it until 40weeks and 3days. I deliver my baby normal at goverment hospital. She is now with me and my family and she's already 5 months! To all the single parent out there! You must be strong for your baby. Never thought to abort it. You must pay for what you did. Ignore all the 'makcik bawang'. Lastly, enjoy your pregnancy journey! You never felt it until you next pregnancy.

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Kudos to you mommy! Alhamdulilah dapat family supportive 💕