my daughter usually wears Merries tape diapers in size L. once in a while (for convenience), she wears Merries pull up pants in size L. however, the pants seem to leak quite often. can someone advise why? is it the size or the brand? or is it cause the positioning of pull up pants tend to shift?

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I liked Merries (Taped) initially during my kid’s baby stages because the waistband is soft, fits and tug so nicely onto her waist and covers her butt really well. Has been using this brand for Pants when my LO started to flip and walk. But lately I realised when she gets older, Merries - Pants (Size L) isn’t so good now as it can’t contain her pee much and everyday leak out urine onto my bed (we are co-sleeping together). It really irritates me abit coz the absorption is not good enough nowadays. Didn’t know you actually encountered the same issue as me now!!! As of yesterday, I decided to change to try other new brands & series for greater urine absorption (meant for older toddlers) like MamyPoko - Kids Pants, PetPet - Night Pants and BabyLove - Night Pants & Day Night Pants (but I realised both PetPet & BabyLove are from the exact manufacturer, so either one of them is OEM from another). Haven’t receive & use them yet but already ordered online.

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Pants will shift especially when kids run about. Also need to keep changing, pants don't last compared to tape.

It may be the cutting of the pants is not suitable? Anyway pants supposedly can't hold as much as tape

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Oh is it? I didn’t know tape is supposed to hold more urine than pants!

I don't like pants so i only use tape. Pants are more expensive and yet they are not as lasting.

positioning cos my LO's diaper sometimes leakage during the night

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The pants may shift! Sometimes it may go in between their butt.