Tape Diaper Size M

Is there any brands comes with size M tape diapers? As far as i know most brands when reach size M is only available in pull up pants type.

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Most brands have tape diaper till size XL..I m letting my son use size L tape diaper from drypers, petpet n pee-ka-poo(this brands have size XL taped diapers as well)

rascal + friends, they have M in pants n tape, L onwards is pants offspring has tape until size L or XL i can’t remmeber

Most brands have tape diapers , im using pampers tape diaper and huggies pants for my LO . I need both

No leh, I think all the brands have M in taped. It is L that are only mostly available in pants

All other brands do carry taped diapers like huggies, mammypoko, pampers, goon, moony etc

Mamy poko. And it's pretty good in my opinion.

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Most brands still do offer M tape diapers.

Am using Huggies in M size tape

Most brands still have M size


Most brand has tape up to xl