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hi mummies! my daughter is currently 14 months now, is it too early to introduce or allow her to wear the pull up diapers? or should i stick to tape diapers first?

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For me personally, at this moment I hate pull-ups. They’re especially inconvenient when baby poops. I wash my baby with a small spray water bottle every diaper change so pull-ups don’t work for me. Cause I need her to lie down while I wash her up so that the water can be absorbed by the soiled diaper. I’m still using tape diapers for my 15-month-old. Maybe you can try. If it works for you then go ahead.

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2y ago

pullups can tear at the sides right?

I switched to pull ups since she could fit in the smallest pullups (M), think she was around 3.5/4months old? Only use tape when she's sleeping n need to change, else is pull ups. So so so much easier

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I think it’s perfectly fine at this stage. Can train baby to be more independent to pull up themselves. 😉

I introduced pull-ups when my daughter can stand by herself, which was about 9 months.

We start pull up when baby is 8months old.