Do u use pull up pants diapers or tape diapers? What's the difference?

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Tape diapers are for babies, generally less than 24 months. They are cheaper and more absorbent. Yes you heard it right, more absorbent at a lower cost. It's more convenient to change outside as well, once you've mastered the skill of changing tape diapers with the kid standing up, you can change diapers on the go without removing their pants and shoes. Diaper pants are for active kids who will squirm around, which makes it difficult to tape down the diapers. This is when diaper pants come in handy. It's also good for toilet training, although I prefer training pants for toilet training purposes.

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tape diapers.. diff babies have diff bums..hehe!! I find that pull ups tend to slide to the side and tape stay on better... to each mom it's own... but pull ups didn't work on my Lil ones... tried all brands still slid to the sides... I guess my Lil ones were too active when young running about lol!!! I'm expecting #3 and we're sticking to the tape diapers!! hohoho! !

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pull up pants after my girl knows how to walk, but it will be day time usage. at night still tape diapers. coz pull up pants the elastic bands will be hinder the development of hip if the baby hasn't learn how to walk, cause: too tight. tape is still the best coz u can adjust the tightness of the diapers to your lo comfort level.

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Not a fan of pull ups, they dont last long, less absorbant and yet costly. Id stick with tape diapers. Value for money and super absorbent. Other onky difference is the pull ups are good for toodlers who are about to stand unassisted and when you are out. Other then that, id go with tape.

It really depends on individuals. For me, will be using tape type when they goes to school as school uses quite a lot. At home, also the same. If go out, for convenience, will get them to put on pants cos easier or when they are ready to be toilet trained.

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I feel that pull up pants is easier for active ones. Let's say when they start turning and crawling? Easy and fast compare to tape diapers. I also have issues with tape diapers which is it always tends to leak poo out... With pull up there's no issues.

My personal experience tape diapers is absorbs easier then pull up pants and cheaper, when kids get older it is very hard to wear as they keep moving around can't wear tape diaper so have to use pull up pants

Tape diaper tend to leak more often but easier for parents to wear on baby Pull up pant will prone to leakage as there is more coverage,no hole for leakage,suitable for baby who started to crawl,walk and etc

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pull up pants is good for a non-stop active child who cannot sit/move quiet. moreover it's more convenient for parents to wear for child anywhere without any troubles. hope it helps.

Tape, cos they are cheaper and doesn't leak as easily as pull ups (from my experience with 3 girls) Pull up is more for toilet training and every childcare's requirement it seems.