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Hello, would like to seek recommendations for pull up diapers as my toddler childcare teachers are now changing his diapers standing up. Tape diapers seem to be hard to put on this way. However, is it true the absorbancy of pull ups is not as good as tape diapers and leak more easily? Hence would like to ask for recommendations for good brand of pull ups that does not leak easily! Thanks!

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Try Merries or Huggies. Currently using Merries. Diaper pants are better at least to me as my baby is very active. Once placed her down to change diaper she will gets back up in a few seconds😅 so for this case if I use tape it leaks more easily. From the day I use diaper pants (both Huggies and Merries) it never leaked at all and the absorbency is very good (she wore it overnight and it’s not overflow given that she peed close to 5x over the night)

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tried merries