My daughter is 6 years old. She is crazy for cartoons and mobile games

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Is suppose, you meant to seek a suggestion as how to put her off gadgets. I think you must set a time for her when she can watch cartoons. And personally, I would not allow my child to use mobile for playing games. If you will not tap her behaviour or demands now, she will become more and more stubborn in future. So, I think, you must set time for her to watch cartoons and at other times, take out the plug of television or can make an excuse that it is not working or whatever work for you. And for mobile, you can put lock on it so that she can not open it. She may throw tantrums for a first few days, so let her do that and eventually she will understand that mamma will not budge and she has to follow her timings.

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There should be time assigned for gadgets and you have to strictly enforce timings. Too much time on gadgets also hamper brain development when children are young. So try to get her involved in some physical activities, like going to the park to play with other kids. Try to spend some time with her and do arts/craft work together. And you have to contribute too but laying off your gadgets when she's around as kids tend to pick up habits more from their parents than anyone else!

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That's very common in the kids of this age! Sometimes, kids tend to watch their elders and copy their behavior. So please sure you don't use mobile in front of her. Limit her screentime. Try to indulge her in comics, story books and mainly games both indoor and outdoor!

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Cartoons and Games are good thing to develop their thinking power. They can see and imagine outer world. You should make some time span for when to play games and watch cartoons.

You are the mother and you are the one who can inculcate good and bad habits! Give her a daily assigned time for gadgets and no more than that.