facial wash for 10 years old

My daughter is having breakouts. Any good facial wash to recommend for 10 years old?

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Try tea tree range from body shop. It seems to help. However if breakouts are very bad, like cystic acne type, do consider going to a dermatologist. There are a whole host of things they can do and pimple creams that are more effective than those over the counter type but of course it may be limited as your daughter is only 10 at the moment.

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I would use simple. Cos it’s soap free. My dermatologist recommended soap free facial wash

Try clean and clear or Cetaphil Give her plenty of fresh Juice

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Cosrx and mizon, the Korean skincare range are quite suitable

Can try body shop or see dermatologist if it’s rly bad

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I think introducing body shop products is best

Simple, Cosrx or Tea Tree range from Bodyshop!

Maybe u can try cosrx, its gentle on the skin

Hi, Please try Body Shop Tea Tree range

Teatree oil facial wash from bodyshop