What will be the best toys/games a dad can get for her 8 month old daughter. Like my daughter loves to see train running on track. what are other such toys/games I can get for her?

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At 8 months babies are learning a ton about the world around them. (Often by putting it in their mouth!). Your baby should also be sitting up by this time. I would suggest instead of toys you can use products found around the house like paper, wooden spoons, pots and pans. One fun game to try is to play and stack plastic containers. You can also consider a soft book or some colourful building blocks, something the baby can easily hold and play with while sitting.

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5y ago

I agree. Toys that most colourful makes babies this age very excitable. Also, soft books with different texture too.

This is a home made game that I love playing with my 9 month old. It's called tube talking. It works on hearing/listening, sight, pattern recognition, language awareness and sensory integration. What you do is decorate the tube of a paper towel roll. Show your baby how to look thru the tube. Let him/her experiment with talking thru the tube. Whisper, shout, growl. See if she imitates You. Talk to her thru the tube. :)

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Since your daughter loves the movement of the train running on the track, you can consider a toy that appeals to baby's senses like the "Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail". There is a mirror which will allow baby to react to her reflection, it will play music appealing to her hearing and vibrate in different motions and crawl along with your child.

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You can consider the Ikea Lillabo series. http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/categories/departments/childrens_ikea/18738/ Though it appeared to be meant for toddlers, I think if you are with her during the play session, it will be fine to just build a simple track and push the trains/vehicles through it. Just a suggestion! :)

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Cup stackers and shape sorters will be good for her cognitive development! U may want to try getting Mega Blocks too from Toy R US to create trains or cars! most importantly u as a playmate will make the play process more meaningful and interesting!

**Your time** This is the best toy/game EVER. Make your gift a set amount of time every day where she makes the rules for you and stick to it. Make sure she knows this is play time. Fun. Laugh. Be a child together with her.

6y ago

You are right my time with toys ;)

My son loved balls at that age - of every kind! From getting him a ball pit to "kicking" a ball with mummy holding it, he really enjoyed it all. :)

yup finally found some toys as suggested. here are they. The best is top that makes her crawl to reach.

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A barbie doll can be a good option. Unless you don't want her to be a fashionista :)