My daughter is 3 years old and I'm a teen mom. Is it wrong that I think of giving her up for adoption so she can have a better life?

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No, dear. That's the cruellest thing you can do to your daughter at this stage. Children won't know what luxury is until you show them. Show that the life you give her is the luxury so she ll love you for keeping instead of casting away and value the things of life too. Giving up on her will tortue your conscience and you will be miserable till you die. Get some, any help to bring her up and buckle up until she is a few years older. Soon she is will be looking after you an caring for you. BTW think about all the ancient mothers who were by default were teen moms not by accident but by choice. They had less facilities less income etc.. if they can do as a norm why can't you do it? Once you take the best decision rest of your is going to be easy. It is all in the mind. Our mind can be the ladder to go on the sucess roller coaster or the broken bungee rope that lets you live in the deepest pit for ever. So choose wisely.

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I must tell you that though I opted to comment, I do not know the exact answer. All I can say being a mother is that a child is happiest with her parents. You may be finding it tough right now, but pull your strings (if you can) for a few more years. You kid will grow up and he/she will become the source of your strength. You took this very brave and tough decision of delivering a baby in your teens, so why give up now. Have faith in yourself, keep learning and studying and it will open doors for you and your kid. If you have a support structure then situation will take even less time to get fine. But yes, thinking otherwise, giving her for adoption too isn't a bad idea if you find a good family for her. As then she will have the love of both parents and siblings. You have two options, and you should not feel guilty anyway because if you will give her for adoption, you are going to find the best home.

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Mum u have done well so far with baby.. It shows ur u think u can give her up and cope up with it in ur life? Will it be easy? U are a mom, listen to ur gut feeling and take decision.. If u feel u can't handle her and baby will be happy in somebody else hands, do it..think which is best for both of u.

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Your girl will be forever proud of you, if you can pay the price for her. It would be really challenging but the fact that you have come this far is an indication that you can take good care of your baby, i encourage you to make your baby the source of your strength. You really can do it.

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I believe you have your reasons for thinking that way. Giving up a baby which you carry for months needs a lot of courage and sacrifice too.

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No one can take care of ur daughter like you. Please don't scare your little one . Its your God giving responsibility.

No will ever give a better life to your child except a mother and that is you.

I think it is wrong. U have to raise her by any means.