Board Games for primary school kids

I have a 5 and a 10 year old, and trying to get them off playing mobile phone games. Are there any good board or card games that you can recommend for me to introduce to my kids to: a) Teach them basic finance b) Get them off mobile phone games c) Teach them some basic strategic thinking Thank you in advance.

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for 5 yr old u can let him play memories picture or puzzles while 10 yrs old child let them play boggle or scrabbles or lego....

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Monopoly, Pay Day, Money Junior all can teach them basic finance while they strategise where they want to spend their money at.

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Sushi Go! is really cute and quite strategic. Might be a bit complex for a 5-year-old but 10-year-old would do fine

Could try games like UNO. It would be good to teach them the value of competitiveness early and how to manage it.

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You can try memory card games and monopoly(:

UNO and monopoly are simple n great fun.