Hi My child is 32mths toilet train. Today,i randomly asked her did she wash herself with water and she told me with tissue paper i was abit shocked as i have always rinse her w water.i went to ask her ateachers earlier on and they told me she clean w tissue paper as teacher have other student to attend to. If child didnt clean properly,it can lead to urine tract infection & teacher told me they only wash at 12pm shower and after nap.so if after nap she pee they wont wash till we get home at 7pm. Past few days theres strong smell from her area that makes me ask if she using water to clean or not. I have alrdy asked the teacher to rinse her w water or teach her how to use the spray water. Am i doing the right thing

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Did you mean after urine or after poo?

6y ago

Aftr urine