What kind of learning tools (toys or books etc) for my 13 month old daughter? I want her to pick up words and understand colours, since she loves Lego toys.

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In my experience, kids learn colors by regular iteration from others. For example, you could show her the leaves of a tree and mention that it's green. Do that again with some other green object and again and again. Then some more. Then ask her what color is another green object. I used this methodology when my kid was 1yo -- don't remember the innumerable times I did this with different colors. One day we were playing a new game -- inserting different-colored straws in a bottle with a hole in the lid. I asked her to insert a yellow straw, she did that. Then, a green one, she did that. Then a blue, and a red and so on. That was an eye opener for me that 'Hey, she has learnt it!!' Even now when my kid is 2yo, I make it a point to brush up her knowledge of colors.

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Children this age should be encouraged to expand on their oral language, e.g learning the names of things around them, learning to form 2 word phrases and learning to understand instructions. Caregivers can support this learning by talking and playing with them. They are not expected to learn letters or words yet. Cause and effect toys (e.g. toys that make a noise if something is pressed) are interesting to kids this age as are toys with parts that they can manipulate with their fingers.

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How about those flash cards with words and pictures on them? You can use those during playtime and hone both her comprehension and memorization skills.

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