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welcoming third trimester..
Been having on off contraction from 25 weeks till now 27 weeks.. any mummies experience this?? I cant recall having this BHC for my other pregnancies 😭
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I didn’t experience that. But hope everything is well for you. :)
Every pregnancy is different. Embrace it. Braxton Hicks Contraction is totally normal. Please also monitor if it gets worse.
Insensitive comments
Am really disturbed in some comments regards to kids, and financial issues.. i know we are all free to speak what is in our mind but dont you think u need to filter abit what u want to comment? Who kn
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Totally agree with you on this but I think most importantly is to surround yourself with positive people who can encourage you and give you good advice. Don't take any of these comments seriously, we
Anyone been to babyfair last weekend? I see not much of stuff though.. but too many insurance booth! Hopefully upcoming one in oct is better
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I personally like mummy market fair instead.
very very weird dreams
I feel very weird.. eversince im pregnant till now 23weeks, i dreamt of pontianak! 😭scare the shit out of me!
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It's normal
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I have a lot of weird dreams too lately
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I had alot nightmares during 1st tri
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Poor thing
Me too. Keep getting nightmares 😭😭
eeextra mc
Hi mummies, anyone took lots of mc during pregnncy apart from Gynae check? I have a terrible back ache and headache now but am afraid to take mc 😭
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Just take, as nobody is responsible for your body but yourself. So if need rest, please go ahead. :)
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just take mc if u need to rest
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Care for your body first. If you need to rest just take, no choice. I hope your aches get better. Rest well, don't hurt it more by moving around.
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MC only when gynae visit
Every appt with gynae I will take MC. It’s your entitlement anyway. As Long as it’s within the MC quota
gender check today!
I am having "butterfly in my tummy" right now so excited and scared at the same time 😨😨
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Congrats.. so boy or girl?
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It's an exciting moment.
Have fun through the pregnancy journey!
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Hehehe its a wonderful feeling
I feel like i dont even know myself anymore.. i used to be very happy and fun at work, but eversince i got transferred to another place, and pregnant at the same time, my stress level and emotional le
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Could be mood swings . Maybe talk to your manager and see if anything can be done? Do surround yourself with family and friends, hang out with them etc Take care!
Quit job ...
Quit ur job if not happy
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Usually get moody when pregnant. Talk out with your family or friends. Things will get better :) all the best
weird dreams.
I cant wait for my gender scan in 2 weeks time, but last night i dream that i was having a boy and i cried 😭 i wanted to have a baby girl though.. anyone have the same weird dream experience? I alre
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I dream my baby is a boy.. and it turns out to be a girl hehehe
I dreamt that I was having a girl, then at the end of the dream it was a boy. Leave it to God cos I had no preference
as long as healthy baby
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Don’t stress urself too much
I dreamt my baby gender at week 10 too.. seems pretty accurate.. haha
unhealthy cravings
18 weeks tmr.. and i am craving for Coke! 😭
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I'm in my 36th week.. I still drink COKE 😝
Yes me too
Yes you can have it... but in moderation
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In moderation. Satisfying cravings are equally important for the mind :)
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Take a sip just to satisfy your cravings, but drink more water afterwards 😊
Any mummies took influenza,whooping cough / rubella jab?
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Took whooping cough vaccine in 3rd trimester. Didn't take flu shot as I was sick at that time.
Yup I took all the vaccine that the gynae recommended! You can claim via medisave so cost won’t be an issue hopefully!
Took the flu vaccine during my first trimester.
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Yes. Recommended by doctor. I also took both ject.
Yup... Recommended by doc... I took both...